Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Farmer's Markets In Your Area NOW!!

Farmer's Markets are fast becoming the new place to be when it comes to food. A good Farmer's Market will remind you of what you're missing in terms of individual, local foods - and you can now find one most weekends in most counties. Yeah, some of them may require a little drive into the country, but there's probably more in the cities than you think.

An excellent resource on the web is www.farmersmarkets.web - you could'nt really ask for more in terms of simply telling you where to go, week in, week out.

Coming up, I'll be visiting the Headingley Deli Market, and in May, making our annual trip to Leyburn for the market there - a huge event that is really one not to miss.

For more info on the Headingley Deli Market, visit:

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