Friday, July 20, 2007

Leeds Brewery

Although Leeds has no shortage of beer lovers, you'd think that a company called 'The Leeds Brewery' would have popped up by now - and only recently, it has.
I've not had a chance to sample any of thier frankly delicious-sounding brews yet, but rest assured i'll be keeping an eye out. Thier website is fresh, smart and displays an obvious love of the beer - despite the fact that they are a young company. and that is refreshing to see.
When there's not much happiness about the word 'Leeds' at the moment (I'm referring to my beloved Leeds Utd), it does wonders to see a pump clip with the words "Leeds Best' on it.

And as Morrisey sang, "Now my heart is full..."

Let's hope this local firm is a resounding success.

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