Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Michael Jackson Passes Away at 65

Michael Jackson – for many of us known simply as ‘The Beer Hunter’, has sadly died, aged 65.

Micheal has been a massive inspiration to all of those who enjoy beer as the artform that it is; it is down to Michael and his cult TV show ‘The Beer Hunter’ that a lot of realised that there was more to Ale than being something your granddad drunk. He championed Belgian beers when many of us were still messing about with piss-poor lager; he championed the grand English pub when many of us were drawn to flashy bars. He was a font of knowledge on the subject and cared not for trends and fads. He was interested in only ‘the good stuff’, and passing that wisdom on.

Today we have lost one of the best food writers around; he can rest assured that his teachings have reached far and wide.

"Hello, my name is Michael Jackson. No, not that Michael Jackson, but I am on a world tour. My tour is in pursuit of exceptional beer. That's why they call me The Beer Hunter…”


aj kinik said...

Hi Stockton,
Had some pints at what may be Montreal's only true English-style pub on Friday and we discussed the passing of the man in some depth. Seems he made a famous stop-off here some 10-12 years ago--sounded like quite the pub crawl. He wasn't terribly enthusiastic about the Québécois beer scene at the time, but he found some kindred spirits and a few beers worthy of the MJ stamp of approval.

Leigh said...

hey - yeah, thanks for that - unfortunately i will be down for a few weeks - see last post - but i'm glad you raised a beer to the man. As for Canadian beer, i think you're right - not much is known about it, and i think the americans do seem to have the fair share of the market. Is Sleeman's Honey Brown Canadian? I'm a big fan of that - when i can get it!

aj kinik said...

Yeah, Sleeman's is Canadian, and it's perfectly respectable. At the micro level, Ontario has quite a bit of good beer, Quebec's not bad, and the same goes for Alberta and BC. Nothing like what you find in parts of the US, but there you go. So beer's not a problem, but finding a good pub (or even a good bar) is. Montreal had its tavernes, but that culture is all but gone now.

Leigh said...

there's a niche for you - you could start your own pub - bring it to the people! sounds like people would be up for that!!