Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Midweek: Wylam's Northern Kite

I have this compulsion in Beer where I'll get seriously hooked on one brewer, and as soon as I see thier pump clip gleaming up at me from a just-wiped bar, I gotta have it, regardless of style or mood. Last month it was Elland - this month it's Wylam.

I simply have yet to taste a less than excellent beer of thiers. Northern Kite is no exception. Wylam bill this luscious beer are a Ruby Ale, and in some respects I can see where they are coming from. Northern Kite is a mahogany, soft-tasting beer with a massive malt character and not much hops coming through. In that respect, I actually likened it to a mild, but one with a bigger a.b.v at 4.5%. This is one pint I could drink a lot of.

Wylam are a family-run brewery, and have been about since 2000. Long may they continue. Cheers.

I enjoyed this pint, and many others, in great nick at my local, The Abbey, in Leeds. I'll be reporting on this fine establishment in greater detail in the upcoming weeks.


Heather said...

Northern Kite sounds like my kind of beer - malty, amber, not too much hops, named after a raptor - it has everything!

Anonymous said...

I get bit like that with Saltaire brews no matter what the weather.

Sad as it seems I'm always drawn to beers I've not had before. If there are two beers on and I've had one before I'll try the other beer first (unless there's a Saltaire pint on!)

I could quite easily get wrapped up in the rules of picking the next pint, there'd be pages of codes and flow diagrams all over the place, luckily for your readers (and bloggers hard disks) I'll refrain!

Leigh said...

Heather - Raptors? I will check that out!!
John - funny you should mention Saltaire - in the same session i thouroughly enjoyed a pint of Olympia - has a touch of greek honey in it! and you know what...very well balanced indeed!!

Anonymous said...

I grabbed me a pint of that at the Market Porter the other week, very tasty.

Leigh said...

knew you'd like it....!!

Anonymous said...

I'm like that with anything by Crouch Vale. Nothern kite sounds lovely-- I am a big fan of milds, or beers that at least taste like milds!

Leigh said...

Crouch Vale, not had any of thier stuff, now I think! I've been really taken by milds this year - last year it seemed to be IPA's I sought, now it's mild. Don't know why - that's beer!