Sunday, December 28, 2008

Two from Williams Bros

Time for a quick review before new year, methinks. I've been a fan of Williams Bros beers for a while - Red is gorgeous, and I'm partial to a bottle of peppery Fraoch with some Venison or good steak. So, Christmas landed a couple more of their brews on my doorstep - Midnight Sun Porter and the ludicrously named 7 Giraffes Ale.

First up, Midnight Sun (5.6%abv)is a luscious yet dry porter. I'm a fan of the style and have high standards but this manages to hit them. Not too dense, initial red-fruit flavours subside to a slight - and I do mean slight - gingeryness. If that's a word. Warming and very seasonal, I enjoyed this - but its eventual dryness means I wouldn't drink a lot of it.

On the complete opposite of the spectrum sits 7 Giraffes Ale (answers on a postcard as to where the name comes from, please). My heart sank when I saw the label - God, not another novelty beer...god, it even says 'Elderflower' on the label...Well, It certainly doesn't taste 5.1% abv. And lo, It is good. Really good. A rather flat mellow copper colour belied a real hop-lovers paradise within - floral, fragrant and very, very sweet. Lovers of SNPA stop here. I was really surprised by this and to be honest, I'll buy it again.

Good work, Williams.


Joos de Littlemore said...

Hi Leigh,
I've recently become addicted to where did you find the Williams Midnight Sun? (And a Happy New Year's quaffing to you!)

Anonymous said...

I'm quite intrigued by this bunch, but have always found the bottles I've picked up to taste very, very fizzy and cardboardy. Maybe that's cos I always buy them in Oddbins who don't care about beer and store them somewhere rubbish...?

Is there actual ginger in the porter? Wouldn't be surprised if there was, but nice to hear that it's being done subtly if so.

Leigh said...

Hi guys - Bailey - thanks for the comments. Not sure about the storage, but of course taste is subjective. Try seeking out the 7 Giraffes, see what you think. Joos - These formed part of a package from a friend, and after quick interrogation she says Tescos apparently! If not, see if Beer-Ritz hav it - they do mail order and the service is impeccable. anf yeah, ther does seem to be ginger in there, but it brings a warming, peppery top-note rather than overpower. It is a well-balanced job, if a little dry.