Wednesday, July 29, 2009

GBBF List Now Available...

CAMRA have begun emailing out the beer lists for the GBBF – although I’m not attending due to other, non-beer-related commitments, there are a few beers on here that I would have made a bee-line for, and will be worth checking out.
Fuller’s 2009 Vintage Ale will be available on cask – so that’s stop number one right there. Bartram’s Cherry Stout, Hawkshead’s Organic Oatmeal Stout and Dark Star’s Espresso all satisfy my penchant for the dark. From further afield – and this is what the GBBF is about, for me - 32 Vei Dei Birrai’s Oppale, Grado Plato’s Amber Lager Strad San Felice head up the impressive Italian Beer section, with Allagash’s Odyssey, Tuckerman’s Alt & Widmer Brother’s Drifter Pale Ale all being on my list for some time now. Ditto Galway Hooker.
From these shores, Bristol Beer Factories’ Milk Stout should be on, and beers from Triple fff, Loddon, White Shield, Salopian, Highland, White Water all coming recommended. But that’s just me - there’s loads to choose from, as you’d expect.
A shame I won’t get to try, but I’ll live. I’ll enjoy reading the myriad of posts from my fellow bloggers afterwards. Let me know how you get on.


Unknown said...

"From further afield - and this is what GBBF is about"

Damn right; I'm itching for the Allagash, to try Stone on draft for the first time, for my first taste of Italian craft beer...

Though I will force a British beer or three down my neck as well. I rarely see Dark Star in the midlands, so I'll choke down some Espresso and Hophead

Mark Dredge said...

There's some great beers there but it's the BSF bar - of course! - that gets me going. I'll get some Italian stuff, that's for sure, Allagash Odyssey sounds excellent, as do so many others, and Galway Hooker might be my first beer - I need something sensible to start on before I hit the 9% hop bombs!

I'm being super geeky and I've just printed the BSF programme to highlight the must haves for when I get to the stage where I can only recognise colour and not characters on a page! :D

Shame you can't make it.

Leigh said...

Mark/Haddonsman - yeah, it's not that i'm anti-british or anything - for me, it's just that its a long way to go to try beers that I can probably get here in Yorks at any of our wonderful local fests. ANd to be honest, I think the international selection is spot on this year. Some great beers in there. I'm a little ambivalent towards the gbbf anyway - if I was to go, it'd be more in a 'beer blogging' capacity rather than one of enjoyment....! but there you go.