Friday, August 28, 2009

The Owl and The Barge Beer & Music Festival 2009

..Is this weekend. I checked it out last year - very pleasant it was too. Beers from Local faves Leeds, Saltaire, Naylor's and Elland to mention a few. So if you've got nothing on, have a wander on down and sip a beer by the canal.

Another upcoming festival that has caught my eye is The Bull's (Horton Kirby, Kent) Pictish Festival. I really like the idea of a festival dedicated to one brewer, as perverse as that may sound. Pictish are a good lot and don't shy away from making single-varietal beers, something which I admire greatly in a brewer. The festival takes place 03/09/09 and you can read about it here.

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Mark Dredge said...

The Bull put on a showcase once a month of one brewer and it's great; it's given me a much winder knowledge of what beers are out there.

I had the Pictish Simcoe there a few days ago and it was cracking. I really like single-hop beers, I want to try more!

There's a BBQ at the pub tomorrow with quite a few BrewDog beers on the bar. It's my favourite pub - I love the place!