Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Orkney's Dark Island

Just enough time for a quick midweek post before getting onto some Champion's League action. Last night I had the pleasure of a couple of pints of Orkney's Dark Island at The Victoria, Leeds (Who were playing Fleet Foxes and Neil Young all night- an excellent choice).

Smooth, with a tan head, Dark Island was just what was called for as the rain lashed against the pub windows. There's a slight smokiness in the body, along with some raisin notes and a briny, salty edge on the way out. Very moreish, and well balanced for its strength. Do try.

I've read that Orkney are expanding their brewing site. Given that I've yet to try one of their beers that wasn't top-notch, that's' music to my ears, for one. Bring it on.


Mark Dredge said...

I'm a big fan of Orkney and think they make some super beers - Dragonhead was one of the best cask stouts I've had in ages. I've got a bottle of their Reserve waiting for a special occasion.

I really think Scotland is a great place for beer right now. BrewDog, Orkney, Cairngorm, Harviestoun, WEST... some fantastic stuff up there.

Barry M said...

Coincidentally, I had this out of the bottle last night in my local Yorkshire pub, and I was a bit disappointed. It was better than the Dragonhead, but there was an unsatisfying thinness about both (I did have them after Fuller's London Porter which was definitely chewier). I should add that they were serviced far too cold. Definitely got that seaside, iodine/saltiness in both though. I think I'll try them again, and ask for them from the cellar rather than the fridge.

The landlord said he wouldn't get Skullsplitter in :/

Leigh said...

Mark - I agree. Barry - I'd agree re; london porter having more about it, yes. Glad it wasn't just me with that salt thing, though!it's an interesting profile in beer that I don't get too often but really notice when I do.

Stonch said...

I've always enjoyed Dark Island. I first had it in the Cafe Royal in Edinburgh, but most recently came across it in an M&B pub up in Islington.

Tandleman said...

I had a pint of it in the Palace in Leeds on Satuday, but wasn't that impressed. I wasn't in the mood for dark beer though and there was a big dark beer theme going on, so maybe down to me.

Should have had the Tets.