Wednesday, March 24, 2010

In Praise of Pales

I've been in a distinctly Pale frame of mind since an afternoon on Acorn's Motueka IPA a few weekends ago. What a beer; refreshing, bitter and incredibly well-balanced, its a must-try if you see it. They'll be brewing single-hopped beers throughout 2010, and I personally can't wait for the next one. What with that, the clocks going forward soon and the spate of -dare I say it - sunshine - we've enjoyed in the last ten days or so, it's been pales all the way at TGS Towers.

Hook Norton's Hooky Gold's a decent drop; straw on the nose with an earthy undercurrent, the beer itself is light, bright and packs a decent citrussy wallop. We had a couple of bottles of this with some Paella recently, chilled slightly, and it went down a treat, cutting through the strong, garlicky flavours of the food with ease. Another solid, classy beer from a solid, classy brewery.

Another interesting one (although I'm not sure how widely available it is) is Copper Dragon's Freddie Trueman. A one-off beer brewed to remember the great man, it's not what you expect; almost Koelsch-like, it's a zesty, lively pale with masses of sherberty lemon & lime on the nose. Copper Dragon may have had a rough time of it of late but it's always a pleasure to drink new beer from them - but they don't often branch out into seasonals. A shame - CD certainly have their fans.


Alistair Reece said...

Pretty much anything from Hook Norton is excellent in my world, in particular their Twelve Nights Christmas beer. Next time I get round to visiting my brother, I will be popping by for more as he lives a couple of miles from the brewery!

rich (them apples) said...

I had a taste of the Fred Trueman last week at a restaurant out in the Dales.

Very good, I thought.

Definite citrus notes to it. The barman said he thought it was a proper beer, and I couldn't really argue.

Mark Dredge said...

I like what Acorn do with their single hopped beers and would like to see more breweries do the same. Pictish are pretty good with their hoppy pales. My current cravings are for pale and hoppy and I can't see that going anywhere as spring comes along!

Leigh said...

MArk - fully agree. Single Hopped beers are my new obsession...!!

Rob Sterowski said...

I think we might see a genre of pale single hop beers develop, named by hop, like wines are referred to by the type of grape. They could go down very well at All Bar One. "Glass of Nelson Sauvin, dear?" - "Make it Citra, I'm in a Citra mood today."

Mark, said...

What Velky Al says (substitute his brother for my parents house and maybe Old or Double Stout for Twelve Days, but I'm picking at straws).

I love my annual Christmas Eve trip

TIW said...

I've liked all the Acorn beers I've tried, especially (I think) Barnsley Gold - what a beer.

I wonder what Fiery Fred would have made of his Copper Dragon special? Never had him down as a pale ale man.

Have things settled at CD now? When I was last in Keighley I heard a different tale from everyone I asked!

Leigh said...

Yeah, i know what you mean!! Not sure about the position at CD to be honest - if you hear owt, let me know!

Mark said...

Had an Acorn single hop (Cascade) IPA at Planet Thanet. Hearing a lot about them at the moment but wasn't that impressed. Maybe it was a bad cask but the hop profile was very meh. If you advertise something as a single hop IPA, you expect it to be big and in-your-face, sadly not.

Would be interesting to try one of their others.