Monday, June 14, 2010

Dutch Wink: As Brewed By Beer Writers

...It might have been available since March, but I finally got around to ordering a pint of Cropton's Dutch Wink. This is of note due to the fact that it was overseen by esteemed beer writers Ben McFarland and Tom Sandham - presumably before they got into their Doner Kebab period.

Anyway - onto the beer. It's very good. Very good indeed. Super-pale, clean, and very smooth in the body. There's a load of citrus in the nose and that comes across right at the edge of the swallow with a lemon/lime kick - presumably from the Bobek Hops used. For a summery, easy-drinking pale, it's perfect stuff, and bang on for people's moods right now (ie, watching footy en masse in pubs.)

You can head here for the lowdown, and here for a cheeky little video on 'how they made it, innit'. It's on sale at Nicholson's pubs up and down the country, so if you're in Leeds, that's The Palace and The Vic.

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