Wednesday, September 29, 2010

BrewDog Edge

Although BD first brewed this a while back, Edge remained one of the few from their stable that I hadn't yet tried - until this afternoon. I was looking for a pleasant, lunchtime sesssioner, and found it in spades. At 3.2% abv, present-day Edge is a little stronger than when it first appeared (which I understand was around 2.7%abv!) but it remains a wonderful, wonderful beer, and a joy to drink on draught. A thick, tan head gives way to a black-pepper and coffee-led body, with a wonderfully refreshing fruitiness underpinning the whole thing. Despite being packed with flavour, the whole package is stupidly easy to drink. Given the current trend for 'Cascadian Dark Ale' (or whatever they're called this month), this makes a whole lot of sense. The weather is pulling us toward the season for dark milds, stouts and porters, and my lunchtime pint was supremely enjoyable. Nice to see that BD can still pull it out of the bag for lower-strength beers.

I enjoyed Edge in The Victoria, Leeds - should still be on now if you want to try it.


ChrisM said...

I really enjoyed it at 2.7%, I shall look forward to trying the new version!

Ale Louse said...

Thanks for that Leigh - I thought the ABV had altered when I saw it the other day but no-one seemed to remember. A minor classic!

Leigh said...

Will - Really enjoyed this beer, so good - have been craving it since, actually!