Saturday, October 09, 2010

Ultimate Pub Jukebox

...An impromptu post, but when I read Dredge's post, I had to get involved. It's a daft game, but music's important, so here's my top ten. Be kind with your comments...

1. Just Now by John Martyn (pictured). Gorgeous. Just Gorgeous.

2. Living in Another World - Talk Talk. Despite my folk/rock/grunge affiliation, I'm a huge fan of great pop. and Talk Talk are one of the most underrated band ever. Ever.

3. How Soon Is Now - The Smiths. Choosing a favourite Smiths track is like choosing a favourite child, but this is what it is right now. Next week it'll be something else.

4. Cloudbusting - Kate Bush. She's one of the most inventive, genius musical talents the UK has ever produced; for every twat that pulls out Wuthering Heights as a reason to hate her, pull out the Hounds of Love album. It's quite possibly one of the greatest things I've ever heard.

5. Apology for An Accident - American Music Club (pictured). If you don't know the music of Mark Eitzel, go out an buy all of AMC's albums. Now.

6. Post to Wire - Richmond Fontaine. Not only are RF one of the greatest bar bands of all time, Willy Vlautin's a great bloke and writer to boot.

7. Footsteps - Pearl Jam. PJ are my youth. And my middle age. And I'm sure they will be my old age, too.

8. My Lady's House - Iron & Wine. Words cannot describe seeing Sam Beam live. If you get the chance, don't pass it up.

9. Obstacle #1 - Interpol. Suits. Dark vibes. Awesome drumming, clever, minimal guitarwork - whats not to love?

10. Only Love Will Break Your Heart - Neil Young. When he's good, he's very good - when he's bad, he's very bad.

...and honourable mentions go to Frank Zappa, Rush, Soundgarden, Tool, Bjork, Leonard Cohen, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Ryan Adams, and all that music that would probably clear a bar in seconds but I love in my more obtuse moments. 'Your Perfect Jukebox' is a great subject for discourse because it invokes passions, and will probably vary from time to time, depending on how you are feeling. Still, I'd love to sit with good mates, drinking some good beer, listening to this good stuff.


Mark Dredge said...

Yep, our musical tastes a massively different, but then mine haven't changed in about 5 years!! Thankfully I have better taste in beer!

Leigh said...

Mark - if it's good, it's good!!

rabidbarfly said...

Whatever works for you!