Friday, March 18, 2011

SummerWine Take Over The Free Trade Inn

The Free Trade Inn in Newcastle is being taken over by Yorkshire's very own Hop-scented upstarts SummerWine Brewery next week (25th-27th). If you're yet to try James & Andy's wares and are up that way then do drop by - now's your chance. My personal recommendation would be Diablo IPA, which has fast become - in my humble opinion - their Flagship beer. However, such treats as Barista, Nerotype and their new Valencia ales will be on offer. In addition, there will be plenty of US-
inspired bottle action and a Meet The Brewer night on the 24th. So, if you're in Newcastle, you really have no excuse to catch up with one of the country's most promising brewing outfit. You can follow the Free Trade Inn on Twitter through @TheFreeTradeInn.

Back in Leeds, North have announced their annual Belgian Bier Fest will be kicking off on the 7th April. Expect the usual mind-boggling array of Belgian beauties, along with plenty of cheese and bread (one hopes). North's festivals are always worth dropping in on.

Finally, as if anyone in Leeds needs reminding - CAMRA's Leeds Beer Festival is taking place now. If its tips you're after, I can wholeheartedly recommend Hopstar's Smokey Joe Black Beer and Thornbridge's Chiron. Leeds's Gyle 479 was sitting in wooden glory amongst the rows of plastic and steel, and the beer was excellent; with a much more pungent, rum/whisky-esque nose than the plummy delights of the bottled version. I understand this has now run out, but I think there are still some bottles kicking around.

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