Monday, May 09, 2011

Turkey & Brie Turnovers with Gadds' No 3

These little beauties are a little twist on the classic Turkey and Brie sandwich, and take no time at all to make if you've got some pre-made or frozen puff pastry. They're also a great way to use up leftovers. First, Heat your oven to 200c. Roll your pastry out onto a floured surface, into whatever shape you like - triangles or circles will work best.
Then,take your leftover Roast Turkey or cooked, sliced Turkey, and lay in the middle of the pastry. On top of that lay some thick slices of Brie, and then finish that with some slices of either cooked, cold, bacon, or smoked cooked ham.Fold over the pastry to make your pasty shape, then crimp the edges and egg-wash. Bake until golden, and serve with such treats as Chilli Jam, Spicy Chutney or Sweet Onion Relish.

As for a cheeky beer to wash this down with, Gadds' No 3 hits the mark. This classic Pale Ale (5%abv) is brilliant-gold in colour, there's that familiar English-hopped green-earthiness going on on the nose and finish which doesn't overpower the smoky/sweet food; the beer is bright enough just to cleanse the palate but has a decent enough malt backbone to remain satisfying. Gadds' beers are generally excellent, and I find No 3 to be a really versatile, simple, beer that goes with a number of dishes. Do check them out if you haven't done so already.


Mark said...

Nice one. Hope you paid import duty on that Gadds' beer. :P


Rhianne said...

I would never think of having turkey with brie but that sounds delicious!

Leigh said...

Mark - occasionally - we do get beers from the dark wilds of Kent up here in the savage North!
Rhianne - get on it!

Caroline Taylor said...

These sound seriously good. It's nice to find a blog about beer for a change to wine. I had great fun when I did beer tasting. To keep up with the latest beer news, am following.

Anonymous said...

Easier to go to Greggs ;-)