Sunday, June 21, 2009

Tomato and Feta Prawns

...A variation on an old Mediterranean classic; sort of a tapas dish. Just something we knocked up with what we had, and eaten in the garden on a surprisingly warm afternoon. Nothing fancy:

Heat your grill. Slice two large tomatoes and lay in a pan with a good glug of Olive oil and some black pepper. Slowly simmer so that the tomatoes soften but do not lose thier shape. Add a splash (not too much) of balsamic vinegar over the top.

Whilst they are softening, crush two large Garlic cloves and sling in a warm pan with another teaspoon of Olive Oil and about 250g of Prawns; the bigger the better. Flash fry, and when done whip off heat to prevent overcooking.

In two bowls, pour your tomatoes and then your prawns. Crumble some Feta cheese over the top, and place under the grill to soften the cheese a little. Finally, shred some fresh Oregano and Basil over the top. Serve with Crusty Bread for mopping up the tomato juices.

Easy, fresh and moreish. We enjoyed a couple of chilled Konig Ludwig Weissbier with this. Seafood and wheat beers are my favourite food and beer match by a country mile, and although Konig Ludwig can be a little unsophisticated on it's own, it's smooth sweetness meant that we got through the beer as quickly as the food itself.

Things don't have to be complicated.

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Katie said...

nice recipe! Just right for weather like this.