Sunday, September 06, 2009

The Greatest Beer in The World?

Ladies & Germs, I give you Magnum, P.A. I'm not quite sure what a 'Hawaiian Pale Ale' is but I'm sure its awesome. It would seem that Selleck has a bit of a beer following; Chuck's been struggling with his ordering of Tom Selleck's Mustache this week, too.

This was spotted in Foley's in Leeds, and I will make sure not to miss it again. One would have to assume it's a single-varietal pale using Magnum hops.


BarryM (Adeptus) said...

Ha! Brilliant! :D Did they use Magnum hops too I wonder?

I had a Hawaiian pale ale, Fire Rock, last July, and it was very tasty indeed.

Bailey said...

Ah, wonderful trademark-infringing fun. I'm not normally keen on novelty beer names, but that is funny.

Leigh said...

...and for me, the difference with this is that I do think I would have a hard time not buying 'a pint of magnum'!!