Saturday, December 19, 2009

Sierra Nevada Hook Up with Homebrewers To Mark 30th Anniversary

Great news for Sierra Nevada acolytes - to coincide with their 30th anniversary next year, they will spend 2010 collaborating with other major US craft brewers to create some special beers. All proceeds will go to charity.

In line for collaboration will be Craft Beer gods Fritz Maytag (Anchor) and Jack McAuliffe (New Albion), along with homebrewing trailblazers Charlie Papazian and Fred Eckhardt. As a nascent all-grain homebrewer myself, I think that this is a really nice touch; there will be many people (including me) who have spent hours poring over notes from these two guys. Also, it’s great of Ken Grossman to acknowledge how Papazian and Eckhardt have done more than their fair share to contribute to the Craft Beer boom of the last 15 years.

Keep an eye on the website - the beers will be released throughout the year, starting with the first release in March. Sierra Nevada’s 30th Anniversary will come out in November. God only knows how we in the UK are going to get out mitts on them, but I’m sure we’ll try. We can be a resourceful lot when we want to be!


Will said...

Need to make plans to get back to the west coast next year! In the meantime Brewdogs Hardcore IPA will do very nicely (currently going down great at the Grove!) By the way Leigh who's this 'Reet Good Leeds Drinking Blog' chap?

All the best for Christmas & New Year. Regards - Will.

Leigh said...

Thanks Will - you have a good one too! What do you mean about the 'reet good chap'? I'll be in Huddersfield in the New Year, hopefully, so I'll give you ashout if we sort something out!

Leigh said...

ps....I now know who the chap you are referring to is!! my legal people have been informed, lol!!