Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Thorne Dutch Pale/Saltaire

...Apologies for the lack of activity recently but I'm incredibly busy at the moment, with work and sorting wedding stuff out - but with it being Cask Ale week and all (What? You didn't know?Shame on you...), I've been substituting lunch for Beer and getting some midweek drinking done.

Thorne's Vermuyden Pale Ale (4.7%) has been the pick of the beery bunch. I've sampled Thorne's Best before and found it to be solid enough, with a nice depth of flavour, but I really do like this self-proclaimed Dutch Pale - although what makes it Dutch I'm not quite sure. Straw-coloured, with a fresh, zingy grass-like hop aroma up front, the body is nicely cereal and incorporates a little hint of almond towards the end. It's a good example of a pale with actual depth of flavour.

Thorne are a hard-working community Brewery set up by enthusiasts - if you want to know more about their beers then jump onto their page via the link above. And if you see any of their beers knocking about this week, give them a try.

And finally some news for Saltaire fans - the ever-popular brewery are expanding their bottled range, with Blonde and Siba Gold Award-Winning Triple Chocoholic hitting the shelves soon. Huzzah!
Edit: Anonymous - yep, you're right. Looks like I need to lay off the lunchtime beers! Edited, needless to say.


Anonymous said...

did you mean THORNE.

Meer For Beer said...

Definately Huzzah, only just heard of these guys and the chocolate one sounds a right winner!

Leigh said...

Meer - it's very nice indeed! Although I still prefer the Hazlenut Coffee Porter. Delicious.