Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Quick Honey & Mustard Chicken with A Simple Potato Gratin

As you all know, I recently hit yet another Beer Festival and made this super-simple dish to eat when we got back. The main reason for choosing this was one that I have been discussing with John recently - Inebriation. Half - Cutness. Merriness. A side effect, albeit an entirely pleasant one (in moderation) of a weekend's Beer tasting. The simplicity lies in the make-ahead feel of the meal, and the fact that cutting a few corners never hurt anyone.

Quick Honey & Mustard Chicken (Serves two)
You will need:
Two medium sized Chicken Breasts
A tablespoon of Grain Mustard, such as Gray Poupon
Two Tablespoons of good, thick, runny honey

1. Mix the honey and mustard well in a dish, then cover tightly with cling film. Refrigerate and go to the Beer Festival.
2. When you return, 'Butterfly' the breasts and then pour over the Mustard Honey. Place under a pre-heated grill and cook. (About 20 minutes).

Now, that's pretty easy, and to be honest you could stop right there. Put the meat in a warmed , buttered baguette and you've got a tasty sandwich right there with which to soak up that good booze. If you want to make something more of it (and are up to it) - then:

A Simple Potato Gratin
You will need:
One large waxy potato, peeled, sliced as thin as you like it
One pot of double cream (about 350ml)
3 crushed Garlic Cloves
Shake of Black Pepper, Shake of Nutmeg
2 teaspoons of olive oil

1. Preheat your oven to about 2ooc.
2. Gently saute your sliced potato in large pan in the olive oil (not too much heat;not too much oil), and then when colouring slightly, pour over your cream and discard the Garlic. This par-cooking shortens the oven time - something your grumbling belly wants.
3. Let it bubble away for about 20 minutes to soften further, on a low, low heat.
4. Finally, transfer into gratin or deep dish and place in the oven to brown. That'll take about 20 minutes.

Not complex cooking, I know, but this dish is big on flavour and fills your belly; soaking up beer as it goes. Or, like me, you could sink a pint of Springhead's Roaring Meg as you go. What can I say? I wanted another beer, and Meg's citrussy style and huge floral aromas cut through the cream, complimented the sweet/hot chicken but didn't add any more weight to the meal. In some ways, a perfect match-up.

Beats a Doner pizza anyday.


Anonymous said...

What a simple recipe for honey mustard chicken. I love your beer matching as well.

Heather said...

My dear Leigh, no three words make me shudder more than "shakes of nutmeg". Listen, I want to you go to the bulk spice section of the store, or to an Indian grocery or sommat, and buy a whole nutmeg. Next time you make a bechamel or a gratin I should be reading the words "scratches of nutmeg". You can thank me later.

Areyoulisteningtome?? (that still looks lurvely, though)

Leigh said...

Peter - thanks mate!

Heather - What can I say, you're absolutely right!! hahahah! Would it make it worse by admitting the jar in question came not from the pantry/larder, but from 'The Baking Shelf'? Excuse me whilst i go write this out a thousand times!

Anonymous said...

I don't think I've ever had a Gratin before and quite fancy making one.

I'm not a big fan of chicken though so what would you recommend to accompany the gratin?

Beer wise it'll have to be a pint or two of real lager (I have two on at the moment) I think the nice gentle crisp taste of the lager would cut nicely through the richness of the gratin.

Leigh said...

John - well, you could make this with pork steaks, or chops, just as easy. Or, you could pop some strong cheese and a touch of mustard into the gratin, add some root veggies too, and serve as a kind of hearty, creamy, cheesy side to a big steak! Beermatch - yeah, that's right, you need something crisp or the cream just gets on top of you!