Saturday, March 29, 2008

Total 'Porkography'

I've spoken about 'Food Porn' in the past; the true pleasure seems to come in the smallest packages. When I opened one of these Scotch Eggs up last weekend for lunch, my jaw just about hit the floor. It was one of the best things I had ever eaten. Check out the grain and fine herbing of the Sausagemeat! See how it butts right up to that egg! Double yolk! Fried Oniony bits in the crumb!
Homemade, artisan Scotch Eggs... I got this from a random stall at Last weeks' Bingley Food Fest - the man selling them had no sign, but a big smile on his face.

Awesome. You know you want it.


Heather said...

Holy shit. Did you know how much I love Scotch eggs? Let's just put it this way: a lot. The double yolk is blowing my mind.

Anonymous said...

That and a pint of ale and you're laughing.
Looks yum!

Leigh said...

Yep - It tasted greeeaat.
Heather - as a fellow porkographer, I knew you'd be into this. all Scotc eggs from this day forth will be judged against this masterpiece!!

Anonymous said...

Damn it!! These look so absolutely delicious, I'm with Heather on this one. I wish you had the recipe for these. I remember the first scotch egg I had was from Tesco's or something and, although kind of delish, it was very, very dirty. ha! this one looks almost gourmet!

Leigh said...

we are never full - welcome! yep they were great - although like you say the scotch egg is like the humble sausage or pie; heavenly when done correctly, absolute dogshit when done badly! as for recipes, i've been wanting to make my own for a while now so watch this space!