Saturday, October 18, 2008

Hawkshead Red

...I'm carrying on in this mild/autumn beer feel that I've been into recently by enjoying a few pints of Hawkshead Red. Hawkshead are a brewery of whose beers I've been a fan of for some time - much like other 'go to's' like Naylors, Wylam and Taylors, Hawkshead are consistent; consistently good - and the Red is no exception. Juicy malt, a red-fruit body and a high hoppiness at the end of the sip make this an excellent session beer, and it's ruby colour invites pint after pint...lovely. I thought it tasted a little like Fuller's ESB, but that's just me.
I enjoyed this beer most recently in The Narrow Boat in Skipton, a Market Town Tavern that always is a pleasure to drink in. In fact, just as I was draining my first pint, the pub was besieged by about 100 morris dancers, who all bought their pints in a very polite fashion and decamped to the back room, where the guitars were pulled out, the drums beaten and the singing began. And that's what a lazy lunchtime in darkest Yorkshire drinking Hawkshead Red amounts to!! More of the same, barman.


Anonymous said...

I've had this one at the brewery tap in Stavely and it was really fruity, just my sort of ale. I'm going to see if I can recover some yeast from the cask at the next town beer festival.

Leigh said...

well if you end up with something along these lines I wouldnt mind a little taste!! cheeky!

Anonymous said...

No Worries

There'll be a bottle winging it's way to you if I get close.

Leigh said...

(rubs hands with glee)