Thursday, October 02, 2008

Oktoberfest @ North

TGS' favourite Beer Bar flies the Oktoberfest (yes - I know it's actually in October) flag. Check it out - You know it makes sense.


Zak Avery said...

Looks good. Hope it's not inappropriate to also mention that Arcadia in Headingley have a similar themed do on the 12th - they have a pair of Bavarian brewers at the pub/bar, giving a short talk about their beers, along with a beer & food night. No connection to me, just thought it loked fun. Dig out ihre lederhosen, Herr Leigh.

Leigh said...

not at all, Zak, not at all! i'll do me best to get down there!

Leigh said...

UPDATE - I did this this on Friday night, but ended up too drunk to write about it or take any decent pictures. Sorry. That's something that happens to the best beer bloggers. One thing i do recall - the Abbeydale Smoked Porter was excellent, as was the Sierra Nevada Stout on tap. But it was the many steins of Paulaner Oktobefest that did for me.