Sunday, March 29, 2009

Saturday Afternoon In Horsforth

...And we begin at an entirely pleasant little beer festival, set up to raise funds for the local church, which is having works done to secure the most eco-friendly future it can have. Given that I live about ten minutes away from Horsforth, it would have been rude not to drop in. Of the few beers sunk, a couple stood out. Firstly, Springhead's Puritan Porter was great - quite smooth, all roast coffee flavours and at 4% abv, dangerously drinkable. The Storyteller's Brewery, out of Terrington (near York), provided a copper-coloured, toffee-flavoured beer called Genesis which was very well-balanced; and 3 Rivers Pligrim's Progress offered a light, floral pale that yearned for slightly warmer weather. Good show, and I hope the beer festival becomes a regular occurance.

It would have been rude not to drop into the Town Street Tavern - the only place worth drinking in in Horsforth these days. Being a Market Town Tavern, you know what to expect, but it really is a little oasis amongst the overpriced and oversubscribed bars - quiet, brewriana plastered everywhere and a good range of beers - Leeds' Pale hit the spot with a somewhat more grapefruity hop bite than usual (change of recipe, lads?) and Taylor's Best on also - not something you see outside of Keighley often these days, with Landlord being so popular.

Overall, a good afternoon's drinking. And Leeds United won too - what about that, eh?


Unknown said...

Hi Leigh, I've been reading your blog for a while - a very good read.

Me and a drinking buddy went to the Horsforth beer festival on Saturday night but they had ran out of ale before we got there! Went to the Tavern instead, it was packed (I think everyone had the same idea) but the beer was spot on as normal.

Keep up with the good write ups!

Leigh said...

Hi Phil, nice of you to drop by - what a shame abou the beer. We've all been there, it seems sometimes that to get some drinking done at a festival, you have to show up early. But at least you got a couple of pints in anyway. From what I read the fest must have been a success so I am sure it'll be on again. If you've not, check out The Abbey Inn's Beer Festival in May - always good.