Sunday, March 15, 2009

Saturday Night

After sitting in The Scarbrough Taps a few weeks back and noticing a steady stream of people coming out of newly-opened Ephesus Mangal, I resolved to visit - and I'm glad I did, because I suspect that many people simply don't know its there.

Ephesus Mangal is basic; don't get me wrong. But many of the best places to eat are, (Jino's Thai cafe in Headingley is a good example) and you should be visiting for the food anyway - not the location or the decor. The food is basic too - but delicious. Essentially a Turkish grillhouse, the smell of smoke and sizzling meat gets your stomach rumbling as soon as you sit; if you've holidayed in the Med recently you know the scent straight away.

So, onto the food. A mixed salad of olives, bread and a deceptively hot tomato, pepper and parsley salsa sets us off, and the hummus that arrives shortly thereafter is perfect; lemony and garlicy in equal porportion. Filo pastries, rolled and stuffed with feta cheese before being deep-fried, were light despite being fried and incredibly moreish. The main courses arrived presented simply with salad and rice: kofte meatballs and chicken wings, charcoal grilled to perfection. How can you not be pleased with grilled meats?

There's no license, so bring your own (Birra Moretti for me, thanks), and I would advise booking - we were eating relatively early but saw quite a few people get turned away. The meal for two cost £25 in total, which I was more than happy with; the service was a little rushed but seeing as though the waiter was working alone I think he did more than well enough! Ephesus Mangal - recommended.

Then it was on to North for a cheeky Outlaw Wrangler (on form as usual, very long, bitter and with a tropical fruit hit beyond belief) and then we joined a birthday celebration at The Reform, where draught Anchor Steam flowed copiously and rounded off a very pleasant night out.

Ephesus Mangal
88 Bishopgate Street, Leeds
Tel; 0113 2438567


Heather said...

I can't not be please with grilled meats. Especially when they're accompanied by fried cheese.

Katie said...

Ooh, this is one of those places I keep walking past and thinking I should try out. Ill def go now knowing the food is good!

Joos de Littlemore said...

I'm really in favour of places like this. But I just can't work out why it can't be replicated with cheap, cheerful, fun and well-cooked 'English' cuisine!

Leigh said...

nice point, joos - I really can't think of any examples of that! I'll think on...