Thursday, July 15, 2010

SummerWine Project 6 IPA Brew 2

...Regular readers will be familiar with SummerWine's Summer IPA project, and I'm pleased to see that Brew #2 landed this week. Brew#2 proved to be a paler pint than #1, and, as expected, loaded with hops. Whereas #1 had a more herbal, green note, #2 has a much more citrus-led profile. I don't know what hops are in it, but I'd hazard a suggestion of Centennial and Amarillo being present. Still smooth, and very drinkable for its abv as before, #2 is a much fruitier beast than its predecessor.

Still, I'd like to do a side-by-side comparison, as well - What about bottling this set of big IPA's, SummerWine lads?

As usual, tasted in Foley's.


Kelly Ryan said...

Heard from the brewery's mouth that Jaipur came second to it in a blind tasting! I wanna taste some!!!

Ale Louse said...

That's good to hear Leigh. To be honest I was a little disappointed in #1 at the World Sup fest in Dewsbury but couldn't decide whether or not it was a beer waiting to happen (so to speak). A more citrus-tasting version will be eagerly anticipated.

Leigh said...

Kelly - interesting stuff! will let the SummerWine guys know. You need to get in touch and get some tasted! Will - all you can do is give it a try! After all, there should be another 4 IPA's after this one!!

James, SWB said...

Thanks for the feedback guys, as you know Leigh we are trying to give each IPA a different feel by showcasing the profile of the hops used, also some nifty water treatments to vary the dryness is another thing we are doing.

Brew One had a herbal overtone with pineapple, mango, sherbet notes with a big warming alcohol hit.

Brew Two upped the ante in terms of big citrus bitterness giving a more robust hop character provided by the amazing Chinook variety, quite American in style.

Brew Three is a Simcoe/Centennial dominated IPA with again an altogether different profile & bitterness, anyone who has brewed with or knowingly tasted beer with Simcoe hops in will know it's a very distinctive flavour & aroma, which compliment the robust Centennial wonderfully.

Also it's funny you should mention bottling them...

Leigh said...

James - thanks for coming here and letting everyone know your thoughts - much appreciated. Bottled versions - you know where I am!!