Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Thornbridge Halcyon 2009 IPA; A Toast

In praise of Thornbridge; I can't say enough. For me, they remain at the very forefront of brewing in the UK, consistently brewing top-quality beers that not only challenge, but satisfy at the same time. They must be close to being the most-blogged about brewery out there too, so I know I'm not alone in my blind love for Kelly, Stef and the team.

In fact, Stef was recently named UK Brewer of the Year, which is just the icing on the cake and a massive acheivement not just for Stef but the entire Thornbridge team. For a personal toast, I popped up to Beer-Ritz (where else?) and stocked up on Halcyon (7.7% abv). It's my current favourite Thornbridge Beer (although that changes with nigh-on each new one I taste) and perfect for a toast.

Russet-amber in colour, and topped with a head that lasts and last, the beer is a lesson in balance: a sweet, honeyed body that supports a fruit-burst of hop aroma (Grapefruit, Gooseberries, even some Strawberry in there) and a long, smooth sip that hits you right at the end with a juicy, bitter hit. It's green-hopped, and you can tell when it's a fresh batch; Green is an apt word to describe the overall hop profile. I could drink this all day and never be bored with it (until they brew something new, anyway).

So well done, Stefano - and keep up the good work. You're making this guy very happy indeed.


ZakAvery said...

*raises glass of BrewDog Alpha Dog*

Ale Louse said...

Agreed - they are just untouchable at the moment. Spent last Sunday afternoon enjoying as much of their remarkable Kipling as I could - beautiful stuff!

Kelly Ryan said...

Thanks loads! Appreciate the feedback as always and we're always chuffed if people like our brews as much as we do :)

We're all really looking forward to the next brew of Halcyon with the 2010 Harvest and hope this seasons hops are as good! We're constantly learning about the processes and bottling techniques at our new site and think this will reflect on the next bottling!

So bring on November as that will hopefully be when the new Halcyon will be good to go!

Thanks again :)


Leigh said...

Kelly - looking forward to it!