Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Roosters 2XS IPA

...Next up is the 2XS, the bigger, badder brother of the APA. Again, a fresh and zingy pint indeed, albeit with a slightly darker amber colouring this time. Nelson Sauvin, Cascade (remember Cascade? Seems like the first beer I've seen in ages apart from my homebrew that uses them!), Chinook, Citra, Simcoe and Citra all jostle for position in the nose. Looking at that hop-list, you know what neighbourhood you're in, and I'm pleased to say 2XS delivers that grassy, grapefruity, slightly catty, green-hop aroma perfectly. If anything, the nose is more tart, and less sweet, than the APA.

There's a good, thick mouthfeel and hints of digestive biscuit in the body; the sip is long and very refreshing. Again, it drinks nowhere near its 7.1% abv. If anything, the hop finish is restrained, despite the 'hop-head' claims on the label - but that's not to say it fails; far from it. What you've got is a slightly amped-up APA and a worthy addition to any modern IPA fiend's vault.


Mark Dredge said...

That sounds great as well! Damn I'm craving a big hoppy beer right now.

Ghost Drinker said...

APA - has a really nice ring to it for some reason.

Anonymous said...

Mmm. I bought all three of these myself at the weekend. Looking forward to opening them soon.

Congratulations on the Wikio ranking, by the way!

Leigh said...

Thanks BP - i blip, im sure. Normal service will be resumed next month! Let us know what you think of the beers.