Friday, January 07, 2011

Roosters Oxymoronic Black IPA

...So we're finishing off this little Roosters week with Oxymoronic Black IPA, weighing in at 6.5% abv. With this brew, Rooster’s have chosen to go 100% with Simcoe hops, both in the kettle and in the dry-hopping. Looking black in the glass but turning deep red when held to the light, there’s a woody note in the nose alongside a bitter-orange pithiness. That might sound odd, but it’s actually quite pleasant after the aroma-riots of the last two beers.

It’s still smooth, but the slight roasted-malt note running through the body does distract me a little, personally. There’s a drying, coffee-led note just lingering on the back there, which is not what I expect from an IPA. I did warm to it as the bottle emptied, but the initial reaction to this was a little ‘well....that’s interesting’. And I think that’s my overall feeling about Oxymoronic. Interesting. Not a bad beer – far from it – just not what I expected, and I'm not completely sold on it.

Overall, I’ve been really impressed with this new threesome from Rooster’s. If these were bottled more often I’m sure they would sell, and I’d love to see the APA in particular available widely - a fantastic beer and my pick of the bunch. I also commend the (moderately) low abv’s on these beers. They are meant for sharing, savouring and enjoying. I did all that.


Ed said...

The oddness of black IPAs puts me off too. I prefer something a bit more normal!

Mark Dredge said...

You know what I like most about these? It's not how good they sound or how much they make me want to buy them... it's how damn good the bottles look. SEXY!

Leigh said...

Ed - I don't mind the style - although I must add it's nowhere near my favourite, but this one was just a little...unbalanced. I like there to be zero roasted malt flavour, just a dark body. That's the challenge for brewers. Mark - don't they just? Excellent branding/design.

Rob of Ilkley said...

If you can get hold of it, Raven IPA from the Thornbridge Brewery is an excellent example in this class of beer.

For me it was beer of the Bradford Beer Festival in 2010

Rob Derbyshire said...

I had it on cask at Mr Foley's and loved it, I wonder how much they differ?
Out of the three this is the one I didn't buy due to the prices. I'm a big fan of the so called "Black IPA" style. Try Stone Sublimely Self-Righteous its amazing.

Leigh said...

Rob - thanks, I will try that Stone. I'm yet to be sold, or rather, im yet to have a really well-balanced one that blows me away. There's no hardship in hunting one down though ;)! This one was just...a little unbalanced, I think.