Sunday, February 27, 2011

Camden Town Brewery Pale Ale

Visiting York yesterday with the Twissup gang gave me another chance to sink a couple of pints of Camden Town's Pale Ale (4.5%abv). I've been wanting to get my hands on more since my initial sip in London a few weeks back, refreshing the throat and reviving the soul after a three- hour train journey. It's just a great beer; straw-pale, light, packed with simple Grapefruit and Lemon flavour and aroma. A testament to the beautiful simplicity of a well-made pale with no airs and graces. I drank two of them - and sticking to one beer in Pivni is tough, as others will testify. I'm glad to see beers like this still being made, a beacon of simple pleasure in what can often become a high-concept, over-thought and overwrought beer landscape. Viva la Pale.

You can read up on Camden's excellent-looking setup over on Pencil & Spoon here.


Chunk said...

Good to see you again over the weekend mate. What happened to you in the end though .. didn't you make it to the final pub?

I'm with you, I love this beer. It felt wrong to travel all the way to York and drink it though, so I didn't try it at Pivni. Down here, it's always hard to turn down.

Leigh said...

Now then chunk! No mate, I didn't. What happened was I needed to be on the train by about that time as was being picked up, and the rook would have been too far away to make it. So I stayed in the trembling madness for one with the other part of the group and then left. Always good to catch up though mate. Will give you a shout when I'm in your manor next.

Mark said...

Do it! We can celebrate West Ham staying up with a pint of Camden Pale. ;)


Leigh said...

Mate - that's a deal. But not in Millwall, though, yeah?!!!