Monday, February 07, 2011

SIBA's Keg Beer Competition

....Sort of in line with recent conversations about Beer Dispense, SIBA are holding a Keg Beer Competition tomorrow onwards, at The Canal House in Nottingham, as Ed reported a while back. Castle Rock appear to be sponsoring it, and you can find the beer list over at Ed's site, and although small, it'd probably be worth going to just to see what's going on. Brewdog, Coniston, Freedom and Harviestoun amongst others all have offerings on show - if anyone goes will you let us know how it was? I can't remember seeing an all-keg festival before. It appears to be the first day of a wider beer festival.
*Update* - Here's what ATJ thought of proceedings.


Unknown said...

I'll gladly report back.

Adrian Tierney-Jones said...

will be writing about it as I’m turning up as a judge, very intrigued by it all, think it’s an interesting sign especially as conversations I have had with other SIBA brewers recently have uncovered others who might like to do the keg route though have found the cost prohibitive.

Leigh said...

ATJ - linkage updated - Si - I'll keep an eye out, mate. Genuinely interested.