Sunday, May 06, 2007

Men with A Mission - Stonch's Beer Blog/A Pint of Ale

You'll find a couple of news link over on the link bar - Stonch's Beer Blog. For all those interested, nay, obsessed with beer (like me!) then you'll love this blog.
Stonch is on a mission to visit and document every pub in London - and still finds time to try brewing his own, which, by the looks of it, won't be long in coming. His article on Sam Smiths pubs in London is excellent also.

Also, I stumbled across a local blog here in Leeds, run by two lads who simply love beer and the pubs and bars this region has to offer. Thier blog is called 'A Pint of Ale', and is an informative read.

This are great blogs written by Beer Lovers for Beer Lovers - and i am pleased to link them both. Drop by.

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Michael Scott said...

Thanks for the link, Stockton. I'll add your blog to Pint of Ale's links too. It only shows a random selection of 5 at the moment, but you'll show up every once in a while! (Now that I have more links, I may revisit the crazy random five idea that seemed good at the time...)

Happy drinking; we may end up drinking in the same Leeds pub at the same time!