Sunday, May 20, 2007

Masham Sausages

Those of you who read this blog often will know I have a certain fondness the peaceful idyll of Masham. And why not? I’ve already mentioned chocolate supremos Joneva, and obviously the beer heritage is second to none with both the Black Sheep and Theakstons Breweries within walking distance of one another – but there is another supplier you must visit if you spend the day in this North Yorkshire foodies’ haven.

So simple, yet so easy to mess up...

The Masham Sausage Company and their outlet shop - Beavers Butchers - make, without a doubt, some of the best sausages I have tasted. I know what you’re thinking; It’s only a sausage; get a grip – but that’s my point. It’s not 'just' a sausage. Sausages, along with sandwiches, preserves, pies and any other ‘basic’ staples of our diet – are so simple to make, yet so many get it wrong. I wonder how many vegetarians made their decision to shun meat after an encounter with a poor, badly-made sausage?
The Masham Sausage Company’s secret, as far as I can tell, seems to simply be the use of the finest source meats and ingredients – coupled with a forward-thinking ethic not usually seen in ‘Traditional’ meat companies. That’s it. That’s all there needs to be. When their Chicken and Garlic sausage tastes as good as any Cumberland or simple Pork, you know they are onto a good thing. With up to twenty-odd varieties available, along with Black Puddings, Bacon and mail-order and delivery services to hand, there is really no excuse not to try this great, great shop out.
Oh, the inspiration for this post? A lazy sunday lunch of Masham Pork Sausages, thick onion gravy and golden, home-made yorkshire puddings - washed down with a pint of Black Sheep Yorkshire Square Ale. If that's not gorgeous simplicity, then i dont know what is.

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BLTP said...

The sound delish, I hope they keep to simple flavours not overly enamoured of ya stilton and gooseberry fancy types.
nice blogg too.