Sunday, July 15, 2007

I's Pies

My partner likes to bake, and so the household is generally filled to the rafters with all sorts of baked treats. I’m not complaining – although it does no good for my expanding waistline, it’s good to have home-cooked flapjack at any time of the day. So, we don’t buy sweets often; but we had to make an exception when we came across an I’s Pies stall at the Leyburn Festival Of Food and Drink.

Everything looked so good, but we opted for the Blueberry Crème Brulee Tart - and we were glad we did. Light, crumbly base, a smooth, vanilla-loaded crème brulee topping shot through with big, purple-bleeding blueberries. Washed down with a cuppa, the pie didn’t last long at all. Perfection – we should have bought cratefuls of the things.

A quick look at the company’s website has all the tell-tale signs of a great producer - local ingredients, passion for food, and a simplicity to the approach that we should all be taking for granted. When was the last time you saw ‘Roasted Beef Bones’ on a list of stock ingredients for a Beef pie? It should be everytime; but it’s not. Hand-chopped meat - not processed? Surely not!
Independent Foods are sure to become bigger with quality produce like this; give them a try.

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