Sunday, July 08, 2007

Spanish Pork & Beans

This is a recipe that just hit the spot on a sunday morning late lunch. Hearty and really tasty, I came upon a version of this recipe years ago on a Keith Floyd program - he cooked it at the side of the road in Spain, so from then on its simply been 'Spanish Pork and Beans' for me.

Be sure to use good quality sausage and black pudding though. It will make a difference - I used plain pork links from The Yorkshire Dales Meat Company.


Olive oil
Butter Beans (tinned)
Tinned Tomatoes
Some Chorizo or Bacon
6 Pork Sausages
1 Onion
3 Cloves of Garlic (chopped)
1 marinated Pepper.
Some good black pudding (a few slices)

1.Heat the oil in a large pan or stockpot, and soften the onion. Add the Garlic, and then the sausages. Continue to heat slowly until the sausages have slightly browned.

2.Add Chorizo or bacon, and again cook gently until cooked through. Add the Black pudding and gently fry through.

3.Finally, slice up your marinated pepper and add. If using fresh, then add at stage one and soften with the onions.

4.Pour in your tomatoes and beans. Add salt (pinch) and a good grind of black pepper. Stir and then leave to simmer until the sausages are cooked through. 30 mins should be good.

If, like me, you like the black pudding a little crispier, then fry separately and add at the end, almost like croutons! The black pudding really adds a savoury edge to this tomatoey dish so don't be tempted to omit it. If you want things a litte spicier, douse with tabasco.


Anonymous said...

The recipe looks really good. In your opinion would it work using Borlotto beans instead of butter beans?

Leigh said...

John - thanks for dropping by - yes, i think it would. Basically, any rough, robust bean would hold its own here. I've actually used kidney beans since, and that worked fine too.