Sunday, August 03, 2008

Yorkshire Day - As Good A Reason As Any...


Yep, we deemed the first of August Yorkshire Day, and pubs across the city took that as an excellent reason to focus on local beers. Not that any of the pubs I visited ever really have an issue with stocking locals, but we Yorkshiremen (and women) are a proud bunch.

So, off the The Adelphi to start, with pints of TT's Landlord and Leeds Best in cracking condition. Then a quick amble down to The Palace, which is one of my favourite drinkers in Leeds. Rooster's perennial favourite Yankee was on offer, and despite the weather turning a little grey outside one sip of this refreshing, golden ale with its tropical fruit aromas made you feel truly summery. Beers from Little Valley, Daleside, Elland and Fernandes were proving popular too.
We followed that with Saltaire's Yorkshire Pale; a truly moreish pint; smooth, hoppy and packed with Citrussy notes. This was the third pint of Saltaire's beer I've had in two weeks - and I have to say I've been impressed with them all.

Yep, supping beer on a lazy afternoon. Gotta love Yorkshire Day.

The Palace, Kirkgate, Leeds LS2 7DJ
Tel; 01132445882


Tom Aarons said...

I'm jealous. You have such a fantastic range of delicious looking beers and, from the look of that board, they're also a lot cheaper than they would be here in Oz!

Leigh said...

yeah, we don't do badly, Tom!

Leigh said...

aaagggh! Blogger has eaten your comments! Heather - yes, the cider and pork combo is a good one, and as for puddings...we live on them! Katie - yes, the Palace is a great pub.

Ria said...

Just saying hi to a fellow Yorkshire blogger. Cool blog you have here :) Gotta try The Adelphi when Im in Leeds.

rich said...

Good shout on the Saltaire...their beers are first rate. Saw one of theirs on tap in a Wetherspoons a couple of months ago (not that I make a habit of frequenting Wetherspoons - there under duress, etc).