Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Brooklyn East India Pale Ale

Or the one I'll be drinking a couple of whilst watching the England game.

In case I hadn't made it clear enough, I'm a big fan of American Brews , and although Brooklyn hardly qualifies as a micro, I'll generally treat anything they brew with interest. The East India Pale is new to me, and it doesn't disappoint. Despite my leaning for IPA's is of the 'massively hopped' variety, the East India Pale goes down well. Light, and not all 'massively hopped' - it has a light, almost fruity, grapefruit body; and the malt stays in the background, present, without overpowering. The EIIPA pours copper with almost no head, and doesn't taste anywhere near its 6.8 abv; those piney flavours you expect to linger with IPA fade pretty quick. I'd drink this again, no problem.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like this one was well balanced in my book, I'm sure there is such a thing as too many hops, I've not encountered it yet but I'll keep trying.

Leigh said...

John - you know, i used to balk at superhopped IPA's and such, but this last 6 months i've really appreciated what hops bring. it's like once you start, your tolerance goes up - like marmite!

Anonymous said...

From two Brooklynites, if you have a chance to try the Pennant Ale, you'll be in for a treat!