Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Clams with Celis White

This is what I'm doing to console myself for not being able to attend the GBBF (too close to wedding, funds won't allow!). Clams are great right now, fresh and so much lighter than Mussels. For the easiest beer/food match, into a large pot chop a shallot and saute in butter until slightly golden. Pour half a pint of white wine, salt, pepper, and a swirl of olive oil onto the onions and simmer for 4/5 minutes. Add 3 cloves of chopped or minced garlic, and tear up some fresh basil to add at the last minute.Throw your clams in, wait until open, and serve with crusty bread. The Basil gives this dish a fragrant twist.

I know I do this sort of stuff often but I love it. So quick, so tasty. Clams are really good with Celis White, which I prefer to Hoegaarden if you can get your hands on it. Pierre Celis obviously needs no introduction (but I've attached one anyway) to beeronauts, but I find his white much fruitier, lighter and maybe a little drier than other Wits. I could drink it all day, really. An ideal summer beer with an ideal summer supper.

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Rob said...

That sounds like it would rock. Will try it some time.