Sunday, August 08, 2010

Grozet & Ebulum

It was my birthday on Friday, and some colleagues of mine bought me one Williams Bros's Historic Ales of Scotland boxes. Although familiar with Fraoch, I'd never tasted their Grozet (5%abv) before, so it was with some curiosity that I cracked it open and dove in.

Super pale, with a really green, apple-like flavour, I was quite impressed. It was chilled, but I think this only enhanced its dryness. The accompanying leaflet states that someone descrbed it as 'Pale Ale with Champagne' - I'd probably agree with that. There's not much on the nose but its a satisfying beer nonetheless.

Despite sounding like a tropical disease, I really enjoyed Ebulum (6.5%abv). Pitch-black in colour, it has loads of raisins and plums on the nose which follow through into the body of the beer along with a touch of smoke. It's strength is a little more pronounced, but it has real fruit-led depth and is sweet to enhance that even further. I didn't really get the elderberries, though - sorry, Williams Bros. Fans of darker, stronger beers should give this a go, and I will probably seek some out once the nights start turning colder.


Rob said...

Happy Birthday. Got the exact same set for my Birthday. Still unopened.

Leigh said...

thanks mate - let us know what you think....still not opened the Alba, though.