Friday, August 27, 2010

SWB P6 Brew #3

...A bit late, this one, but I had to get it out there. SummerWine's IPA project continues apace, with Brew 3 landing last week at Foley's.
Gold-hued, there's a strong Lime and Grapefruit note here. I also found it a little less sweet than Brew 2, which made the beer just a touch thinner and lighter. Balance is still the key word here, however, and it's an incredibly refreshing, juicy IPA that tastes nowhere near it's 6.6%abv.
Brew 4 is in the Cellar now, apparently - so get yourself down to Foley's for a taste.
SummerWines new blog can also be found in the links section - it's well worth a read. >>>


Rob said...

I was in Mr Foleys last weekend and tried it. Damn good beer.

ZakAvery said...

I must get in and try one of these - heard lots of good things.

Baron Orm said...

I received a mixed case of bottles from James at Summer Wine last week, and a bottle of Project 6 Brew 2 was in the pack, really looking forward to trying it after reading about it on your blog some weeks ago.