Thursday, February 17, 2011

Adnam's Kolner

...I'm a bit late getting round to this one; Adnams released Kolner last Autumn as part of thier 'Handcrafted' range. I didn't manage to get any on cask, but did manage to get a couple to enjoy at home, and Kolner was the one I kept (The Stout was swapped in The Grove; I think Fletch might have ended up with it?). Adnams are a big favourite of mine - for me they manage to achieve a perfect balance for a big-selling core range and satisfying the more curious of us by often branching out into seasonals and one-off's - so I had high hopes.

I wasn't disappointed. Despite expecting something like a Koelsch, Kolner (4.8%) comes off a lot spicier, with a rangy, wild, fruity aspect running through it. There's plenty of Peach, Lemon and a touch of Honey on the nose, and this is complimented on the sip with a hint of Coriander. I guess a near-match would be a Witbier in terms of flavour; but all those delicate notes are wrapped up a robust Golden Ale. An interesting beer for sure; and one I certainly recommend.


Unknown said...

Agree with you on the Adnams 'approach' to the marketplace.

They retain the feel of a devoted micro, along with the quality and high standards - even though they are pretty huge these days.

You'll often find a jacketed cask of Adnams atop bars across the country. A nice touch, especially when the ale contained therein is so consistently delicious.

Anonymous said...

The name is K├Âlner, as it says on the label. Koelner would be correct if you can't type the Umlaut.

Leigh said...

THG - defo. Love Adnam's, they've got the balance just right.